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Living 'Greener' at Home . . . How Green Are You?

 Do you buy local and organic?  Turn the water off when brushing your teeth?  Compost food and yard waste? 

You might recycle, eat organic and use only reusable shopping bags, but does that mean you're living a green lifestyle? 

As our world changes to meet the reality of stressed resources, living green is becoming the new normal.  Every green action, no matter how small, moves us forward on the journey to sustainability.  There is no one solution, or one practice, but each new commitment to integrate green products, services and technologies into our daily lives deepens our shade of green.

Wondering where to start?  Just start where you can at home and at work. 


Here are some simple "green" ideas that you can easily implement in and around your home.

Ohio First-Time Homebuyer Program

Did you know that OHFA’s First-Time Homebuyer Program offers below market, 30-year fixed interest rate loans to qualified buyers in all 88 Ohio counties!  Did you know that they also offer downpayment assistance as well as grants!

Buyers Expect to Pay 30% Less For Foreclosure

Results of a recent survey conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Trulia and RealtyTrac showed that 67% of U. S. adults would expect to pay at least 30% less for a foreclosed home than a similar home that is not in foreclosure.  And, 35% of U. S. adults would expect to pay at least 50% less for a foreclosed home.

Often this expectation is realistic!  Because many foreclosed homes have been vacant for a long time and the utilities are not on, brokers and appraisers often price properties on the assumption that the furnace is bad and there may be water leaks or worse.  Often the properties have been vandalized and have latent defect issues.  Not only that, but buyers are buying "as is" and need to be compensated for the risk of the unknown.

If you have the stomach for it (and it's not that bad), a foreclosed home can be a really great deal . . . no surprise that approximately one-third of all the properties sold locally are foreclosures.