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How To Get An Accurate Determination Of What Your Home Is Worth

There are really only two reliable ways to find out what your home is worth today.

If you're reading news publications and consuming social media posts, then you have no doubt been hearing how home prices are increasing by healthy percentages around the U.S.  What does this really mean to you?  If you saw a report that said home prices increased by 5% since this time last year, does that mean that the value of your home increased by 5%?

Well, what it means is that the average or median price of homes that sold increased by 5%. Your home may have not increased in value at all, or it may have increased by more than 5%.  It depends on where your home is located.  It also depends on the condition and appeal of your home as it relates to average homes in your neighborhood.

Don't be mislead by the websites that display the market value of your home based on a computer model . . . they are often grossly inaccurate.  There are only two ways to get an accurate determination of the market value of your home today.

When Should a Seller Update/Revise The Property Disclosure Form?

The Ohio Residential Property Disclosure Form is required by Ohio Revised Code 5302.30 for all residential real property transfers by sale, land installment contract, lease with option to purchase, exchange, or lease.  The purpose of the form is for the seller to disclose to a potential buyer information about the condition of their home.  The information should be as accurate as possible and based on the seller's actual knowledge.  There are some exclusions to this requirement, that you can read about here:  http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/5302.30

So when should a seller revise the Residential Property Disclosure form?

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