When Should a Seller Update/Revise The Property Disclosure Form?

The Ohio Residential Property Disclosure Form is required by Ohio Revised Code 5302.30 for all residential real property transfers by sale, land installment contract, lease with option to purchase, exchange, or lease.  The purpose of the form is for the seller to disclose to a potential buyer information about the condition of their home.  The information should be as accurate as possible and based on the seller's actual knowledge.  There are some exclusions to this requirement, that you can read about here:  http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/5302.30

So when should a seller revise the Residential Property Disclosure form?

Since the purpose of the form is to provide accurate information, then as soon as the information provided is no longer accurate the form should be updated.  This may happen due to a required repair or replacement of one of the home's systems, or it may be something that was discovered during a home inspection that caused the home to go back on the market.  

The key determining factor is that the seller should not provide a Residential Property Disclosure Form to a buyer that contains information that the seller knows is not accurate, or true.

When an issue arises from a home inspection ordered by a buyer, the seller may question the inspector's findings.  If that is the case, the seller should have their own inspection done to investigate the problem and get a second opinion.  However, even if the seller's inspector does not agree with the buyer's inspector's findings, the seller should provide both reports to subsequent buyers so as not to be withholding material information from any potential buyer.